Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to Gender, Power and Privilege (WS 405) for J-Term 2011.  For this course, we will be Blogging every day. Perhaps some of you are already experienced Bloggers, while others of you are new to the Blogosphere. Blogging has become incredibly popular and is all over the Internet, on every topic under the sun.  Your very first assignment for WS 405 is to create a Blog especially for this class.  I suggest using Blogger.  Go to  to begin.  You will need to have a Gmail Account to set up your Blogger Account.  You can choose your Blogger title and URL. I suggest naming it something that does not involve your legal name for added privacy. You will list your Blog and name on Blackboard which is available only to me and the students in the course. Over the course of the semester, you will write 15 original Blog Posts.  In addition, you are required to respond to two of your colleagues' Blog Posts each day (though more are encouraged.) Once you have your Blog set up, you should post your name, the title and URL of your Blog to the appropriate thread on Blackboard.  Your classmates and I will utilize this to find your Blog Posts for the semester. You are welcome to decorate your Blog as you like and utilize images, embedded video clips, links etc. The specific prompt for the Blog will be distributed to you via BB or email, as well as the required Word Count.  All Blog Posts should be carefully proof-read and edited for clarity, organization and accuracy.  If one or more folks comment on your Blog Post, you should respond to them in kind, even if it is very brief. I look forward to reading and visiting your Blogs throughout J-Term.


  1. Will you be putting the syllabus up today?

  2. Hi Miranda: I just sent out an email with the syllabus attached and it is also in the course documents section of BB.