Monday, January 10, 2011

The Usual Statements

The Usual Statements

Also known as “What people of color never want to hear again” from white people engaging in discussions about racism. The following are just a few statements commonly heard during anti-racism trainings. This list is not exhaustive but is meant to be used as a guideline for ‘what not to say’ for white
people who are sincerely working on their white privilege.

1. I can’t hear you if you are angry.

2. You’re too sensitive.

3. I feel (unsafe, judged, attacked, abused, etc.)

4. I will only talk if everyone is respectful.

5. I’m a person of color too. Isn’t ‘white’ a color?

6. I just see people, not skin color.

7. Why is there a caucus just for people of color? Isn’t that separatism?

8. What about MY class/gender/religious/sexual orientation oppression as a white person?

9. Conversations about race are so divisive.

10. Talking about racism takes the focus off of (women’s issues, the environment, classism, etc.)

11. When are we going to stop talking about racism and get to the real work?

12. I can’t possible be racist because I am dating a person of color (or, because I
adopted a transracial baby.)

13. That other person of color isn’t offended, so why should you be?

14. Aren’t you just so articulate!

15. We can’t find any qualified women of color to join our workplace.

16. I come from the East Coast where people are much more inclusive.

17. I marched with Martin Luther King.

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  1. Like I said, I was just introduced to social justice about two years ago. I laughed at myself when I read this because I used a lot of those. The thing that I have learned the most over these past two years has been humility. Before I probably would have been to proud to admit that I was "being defensive" so I completely agree with most, some I have never heard though.