Monday, January 10, 2011

Qualities of an Anti-Racist Ally

Qualities Of An Anti-Racist Ally

·       Does something daily to earn the title of ‘ally.’ Recognizes that their “white ally badge” expires at the end of the day and must be renewed by a person of color.

·       Title is not self-identified by white people but identified by people of color

·       Understands that one person of color’s white ally is not automatically another person of color’s ally.

·       Identifies and names racism directly.

·       Takes the front line as a buffer; not as a ‘savior.’

·       Recognizes that remaining silent, “neutral” or “objective” can be a form of race privilege.

·       Takes responsibility for self-education and doesn’t expect POC to teach them.

·       Cultivates genuine relationships with people of color that are mutually beneficial.

·       Is hyper-vigilant about interrupting racism, but is not hyper-arrogant about being a “white ally.”

·       Struggles every day with understanding and undoing aspects of their own privilege.

·       Works regularly to develop a deeper understanding of ongoing colonial relationships.

·       Understands that people of color’s experiences of racism is not debatable.

·       Doesn’t require people of color to display proof of racist injury.

·       Knows that people of color are the experts of their own experiences.

·       Acts in solidarity with people of color without taking over their liberation efforts.

·       Doesn’t expect gratitude from people of color, or to be recognized as a white ally.

·       Takes on racism as a problem because it is personally offensive.

·       Is motivated by a quest for justice, rather than a sense of guilt.

·       Open to, and invites challenge. Expects support and accountability from other emerging allies.

·       Unconditionally opposes oppression with no strings attached.

·       Accepts that making mistakes is part of becoming an effective ally.

·       Acknowledges, apologizes for, and learns from own mistakes without retreating.

·       Interrupts racist statements or behaviors whether or not a person of color is present or objects.

·       Participates respectfully in communities of color and avoids “cultural tourism.”

·       Is committed to social justice and an end to oppression in all its forms.

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