Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sexual Assaults of Women with Disabilities Videotaped and Left with Police

Incredibly disturbing story about women with disabilities being raped and the assault videotaped:

Disturbing videos show attacks on disabled victims

The Associated Press
Thursday, January 6, 2011; 5:34 PM

LOS ANGELES -- Videos anonymously delivered to authorities show men sexually assaulting at least 10 severely handicapped women, sheriff's officials said Thursday.

An anonymous individual dropped off DVDs containing more than 100 hours of video depicting a sequence of sexual assaults on women, all of whom appear to be disabled, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said. A note said the DVDs were copied from a computer hard drive that the individual had been asked to clean.

Authorities said the footage was shot at several locations, including one that appears to be a residential care facility. They said the videos could have been recorded anywhere in the country, but they believe the videos were made in the Los Angeles area in the last three years. One assailant was wearing an LA hat.

One assailant appeared to be a paraplegic resident of a care facility who rolled into a woman's room in a wheelchair, climbed out of it, assaulted a victim and then wheeled away.

Detectives received the videos in March. They went public with the investigation to seek the public's help in identifying where and when the videos were shot, as well as the identity of the suspects who were captured on tape.

The videos are not being released, but composite drawings of four of the suspects created from the footage were shown to news media during a press conference at Sheriff's Department headquarters in Monterey Park.


  1. talk about male supremacy... this is sad and why haven't these assults been reported before the video came out? or have they?

  2. that's disturbing and disgusting...