Friday, January 7, 2011

Video Treatment Information

Some folks have asked for more clarification regarding the upcoming video treatment, so I though I would write a little entry explaining it and being more explicit about what I am looking for in this entry. 

As one website puts it: “The video treatment is a document that defines the concept, summarizes the story and determines the creative approach of your video. A well-written video treatment takes the light bulb glowing over your head and makes it visible to others.” 

For the purposes of this treatment, you should include the following information:

1.     The Topic: What “ism” is your short video about and why did you choose it?
2.     The Story: While this is not a full script, you should provide a barebones outline of the video in terms of the plotline or content.
3.     Software: Which software program are you using to make your video?  What is your level of experience with this program?  What resources will you avail yourself of if you need help?
4.     Research: how will you research for the information that you need?  How will you make this an educational program that viewers will find helpful and useful?
5.     What is your timeline for completion of the project?  Please include all steps and be realistic about balancing time management and producing a quality piece of work.
6.     Take away message: what do you most want viewers to take away from viewing this film and why?

Remember: Video Treatment Posted on Your Blog by: Wednesday, January 12 at noon. [200 Words or more]  Also, Comment on  at least 2 of your peers’ treatment to provide feedback and constructive criticism on Wednesday/Thursday. 

The purpose of this assignment is to help you plan and be very intentional about your project and what you wish to produce.  Providing constructive criticism to your peers about their treatment is also very important so be generous  with your feedback :-)


  1. I don't know how to use any video software...what program do you recommend for tech illiterate individuals? haha.

  2. Lynette: Two options come to mind: 1. Have you ever used Power Point? They have really improved that program in the new version, and you could make a great slide show with it. 2. Xtranormal is very easy to use. It is a text to movie program that enables you to input text and they convert it into a cartoon. You can also input simple commands to control the characters and the setting.

  3. Is there somewhere we are supposed to post the link for the video treatment?

  4. No need to link that, thanks, as long as it is posted on your Blog :-)