Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Princess Boy

This is an interesting story about a mother with a gender-variant son who wrote a book about him called My Princess Boy(See it Here.) The mother's (and father's) attitude of acceptance of their son wearing dresses may surprise you, shock you or even disturb you. What do you think fo their response? If you had a son like Dyson, do you think you would be so accepting?  Why or why not?

To be fair, not everyone is pleased with Dyson or with the decisions of his parents. This article below lambasts the parents for "exploiting" the child, and many of the comments that follow the article tend to agree that the parent's motivations are not sincere:

Princess Boy's Parents Exploit Their Son for Media Attention and Financial Gain

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  1. It pretty much says it all when the brother says to the mother, "mom, why can't you just let him be happy." This shows how the build up of socialital beliefs and what society has established as "normal" greatly effect the way people think. It took the brother's innocense to state the obvious, because when it really comes down to it, if the kid is hapy, who cares?