Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creative Digital Video Project

Hi Folks: I am posting the assignment sheet for the Creative Digital Video Project now because I want to be sure to give you all plenty of time to complete it.  Obviously, this is not the kind of project you want to put off until the last minute.  You should start thinking NOW about what topic you want to focus on and what kind of format you want to use.  The Treatment for your short video is due next Wednesday.  Please read this information over carefully and let me or David know if you have questions or want to run an idea by us.  Please also use each other as resources and reach out to your colleagues if you need technical assistance. - JRR

Digital Video Project

This creative project requires you to produce a short digital video (DV) relating to diversity themes.  I understand that we are at all different levels in terms of technology.  So to be clear: I am NOT expecting technical perfection.  Rather, I want this to be an opportunity to take some of the themes you are learning about and apply them in a creative fashion.  There are a number of options for producing a DV including: MovieMaker, iMovie, Xtranormal, and even PowerPoint.  Use whichever you think is best—and I am sure there are more, including free software available online.  Xtranormal allows you to make a movie from text; you may have seen these cartoons on TV or the Internet.  Below you will find a variety of URLs to check out to help you with this project.  There are some great tutorials on YouTube to help you with basic editing and DV production, as well as info on how to upload them to YouTube.  So, here are the specific requirements for this assignment:

Topic: The video must deal with ONE form of oppression that we study in this class: racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ageism, religious oppression, ableism, or transgender oppression.  Pick whichever one interests you the most, that you are most personally passionate about or that you have a lot to say about.  The point of the video is to educate about what this form of oppression means, how it negatively affects individuals and society, and what we must do to fight against it.

Format: This is really up to you.  It could be a fictional dialogue between two or more people, a video poem (original poem you write and then illustrate with music and images), a straightforward lesson on what your ism means and how it is manifested in our culture, a personal experience video about this form of oppression has affected your life,  etc.  if you decide to interview someone, make sure you receive their explicit permission by having them sign a release and letting them know that this video will be posted online.  You could also make something with you talking (like a video diary) if you are comfortable being in the video.  In your Blog, you will write a video treatment in which you lay out the basic theme and plan for your DV. 

Length: These videos should be short, around 3-5 minutes each. Remember: quality over quantity, and KISS: Keep It Short and Simple.   

Submission: You should upload the video to YouTube or SlideShare and send me the URL where it is posted in an email.  I will post or embed the video in our Social Justice Vids Blog.  I encourage you to watch and comment upon your classmates’ videos.

Process Piece: After completion of your vid, you will write a process piece in which you talk about your creative process and how well you think it turned out.

Due Dates (all times are EST):

- Video Treatment Posted on Your Blog by: Wednesday, January 12 at noon. [200 Words]  Also, Comment on  at least 2 of your peers’ treatment to provide feedback and constructive criticism on Wednesday. 

- URL of Where Video is Posted Emailed to Me by Sunday, January 16 at 9:00 PM 

- Process Piece: Posted on your Blog by Monday, January 17 at 11:00 PM

Evaluation:  This project is worth 25 points, or 25% of your grade.  You will be evaluated on the following five elements: creative vision, clarity of structure, accuracy of information, educational value and artistic design. 


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  1. What is the video treatment post?

  2. The video treatment is a document that defines the concept, summarizes the story and determines the creative approach of your video. In your video treatment post, you should write about your plan for your short film: what is it about? How will you do the research for it? How will you structure it? What is your time-line for completing the work? The video treatment should allow readers to have a clear snapshot for the content and style of your short digital film.